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joker synonyms: noun A person whose words or actions provoke or are intended to provoke amusement or laughter: clown, comedian, comic, farceur, funnyman. While looking up the Joker i saw that he had a large number of aliases. Some of them I His origin, name, and true motivations remain a mystery. Other times Batman said them during one of his dramatic monologues about his arch enemy. I`ve come up with a few nicknames for The Joker, Vote Which. Synonyms for JOKER. Find another name for Joker at shapesforwomen.info.

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What is the Sinhala word for joker? Definition of joker a playing card that is usually printed with a picture of a jester an inconspicuous clause in a document or bill that affects its meaning in a way that is not immediately apparent; "when I demanded my money he showed me the joker in the contract" a person who enjoys telling or playing jokes a person who does something thoughtless or annoying; "some joker is blocking the driveway". What is the Afrikaans word for joker? What is another word for joist? All Words 2-Letter Words 3-Letter Words 4-Letter Words 5-Letter Words 6-Letter Words 7-Letter Words 8-Letter Words 9-Letter Words Letter Words. What is the Yiddish word for joker? Frank Miller interpreted the character as fixated on death and uninterested in sexual relationships, while Robinson believes that the Joker is capable of a romantic relationship. Though a number of backstories have been given, a definitive one has not yet been established for the Joker. Retrieved May 4, Retrieved November 18, The role was a defining performance in Nicholson's career and was considered to overshadow Batman's, with film critic Roger Ebert saying that the audience must sometimes remind themselves not to root for the Joker. He falls into a vat of chemical waste when his heist is thwarted by Batman, emerging with bleached white skin, red lips, green hair and a permanent grin. Archived from the original on December 23, Batman And Robin 16 [Annotations]". Earth 2 " " Justice Leagues " " Pain of the Gods " " The Lightning Saga " " Throne of Atlantis " " Trinity War ". El Mundo in Spanish. Bill Finger had a book with a photograph of Conrad Veidt and showed it to me and said, 'Here's the Joker'. other names for joker In the game of Euchre , the highest trump card is the Jack of the trump suit, called the right bower from the German Bauer ; the second-highest trump, the left bower , is the Jack of the suit of the same color as trumps. What is the Catalan word for joker? What is the Ukrainian word for joker? What is the Portuguese word for joker? While looking up the Joker i saw that he had a large number of aliases.